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Samurai II: Vengeance Update V1.1.1 for Playbook

13 Februari 2012
Samurai II fans a game for the Blackberry Playbook has been updated to v1.1.1! This game will give you the tension while holding a katana sword in the game's best-selling action lead you on an adventure to hunt down the demon lord Orochi. The fight You akan diigelar from a village who ravaged the war, on top of fort, even until to the Isle of the dead who legendary and, you must stop the Orochi on behalf of the honor and revenge for liberate Japan.

Samurai II: Vengeance Update V1.1.1 for Playbook

- Killing the enemy with the weapon samurai: katana
- System battle which balanced with maneuvers defensive and attacks earthshaking.
- Solve the puzzles to look for road with viewing the landscape the colors-multicolored and detail sharp.
- Bonus the battle the form of points to upgrade health, open a skill a new, and enhance the combo the attack.
- Soundtrack original Japanese typical
- Mode survival the new which akan gives you the opportunity to hone skill

Download Samurai II Vengeance Update v1.1.1

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