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BBM Display Changer - BlackBerry Messenger Profile Picture Changer

31 Mei 2012
Make your Blackberry users who like to change their image in the photo BBM your Profile Picture. Now there are applications that can replace a photo for your display picture automatically BBM using BBM application Display Changer.

BBM Display Changer - BlackBerry Messenger Profile Picture Changer

This application is also useful for the
- Like to share picture long and repetitive,
- Have a lot of photos you want shared / show or a photo company / product profile
- Like the recent updates frequent contacts BBM you'll not forgotten :)
- Business / sales in BBM to update your profile picture with foto2

I use the display picture changer BBM too easy

- Just created a special folder
- And then enter the collection / selection of the photographs that you want to make a display picture,
- And set the interval time every few minutes could change the picture in picture display.

So when it's automatically changed the display picture of his own, you no longer need to manually change the display picture. Because this application to change the display picture function in the fuel, then the application was already BBM Connected.

Download BBM Display Changer V1.1.1

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