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File change APK to BAR in the Blackberry Playbook

23 Mei 2012
BlackBerry PlayBook users have a sense of envy to the number of applications that can be used on Android tablet. However, to be used in BlackBerry PlayBook, you have to convert applications from the Android APK file to a BAR file that can be read and dinstall the BlackBerry Playbook. This way is very difficult, so many desperate people and let them fill Playbook applications from BlackBerry AppWorld.

File change APK to BAR in the Blackberry Playbook

With the presence of third-party sites will help you change the file extension of the Android application. You only need to upload the desired application and after the server to make changes, then the file will be presented in a format BAR. The time needed depends on server load, so patience may be needed here.

Even if you do not have the APK file to be converted, there is also a list of new Android applications that have been converted, and you can download it easily. In our opinion, this website offers a freedom that previously made ​​you tied to one platform so that your device does not look innovative.

Visit the Website APK2BAR

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