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How To Fix Error Loading Screen BlackBerry

15 Februari 2012
How to Fix a Nuked BlackBerry for ways to overcome and fix error while loading BlackBerry continues (not restart), but loading and not loading half full / complete and did not want to go to the homescreen.

How To Fix Error Loading Screen BlackBerry

Here is one way that we are experiencing and have been tried.

Solution BlackBerry Loading Error Fix Stop:

  • Try to remove your sim card and replace the battery, then you load again.
  • If the full and successful loading into the homescreen, it means that your BlackBerry is not problematic and is not nuked, only the simcard you are in trouble, try to check the pulse and your sim card expiry date. Try asking the operator instead of a new sim card if all switches. Or change other simcard to make sure your simcard is problematic.
  • If it still errors, try to pull the memory as well (sd) card installed in your BlackBerry device, if any, to ascertain whether the device you are trying to read the memory card, sim card application and therefore you can not loading up.

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