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How To Save Battery BlackBerry OS7

10 Februari 2012
Many BlackBerry OS6 and OS7 users complained that the new BlackBerry user is very wasteful of battery including a BlackBerry Dakota, Bellagio, Monza and other Devices running OS7.

BlackBerry Smartphones battery is pretty wasteful because many functions with multi-tasking, push email and push notifications from Applications are about providing such notification app twitter, facebook etc. ..

RIM is also aware of this problem and has been posting tips on how to save battery life BlackBerry Blog. We are here sharing the following tips:

Closing Apps and Games

RIM recommend that you always close the applications and games are never used and still running in the background. Because the BlackBerry can be used for multi tasking, user. frequent switching using other applications without obscuring the previous application. If you use other applications, remember the "close" to close applications / games that are still running to conserve battery life, because the applications / games that running / walking dibackground will eat the battery.

To see what applications are running / walking in the background, press and hold the button until the menu appears "App Switcher" which displays the icons app running / active.

Select the applications you do not use it again and press the "menu and select close" to exit / close the application.

Turn off network connections Are not you using

Turn off unused network connections such as WiFi, Bluetooth or GSM!

If you are using the wifi / bluetooth, you can save battery by always consider the type of network connection is active and turn off that is not used anymore.

Network connection such as wifi is active, yet not in wifi area will make your Device "searching" to find and eat the battery connections.

Use a Wi-Fi network connection in areas of low cell coverage

RIM also suggest you turn off the GSM network if the signal is weak in areas such as dibasement. Use 2G instead of 3G or shut down altogether. Or use wifi instead of GSM. Because the device is trying to find a signal will take the battery.

Use wifi network operator than if you do a lot of internet browsing.

To view and change their network connections on the BlackBerry smartphone, click the icon anthenna / signal and select "Manage Connections". You can enable or disable network connections that are no longer used.

Use a holster or pocket

Use gloves / ORI BlackBerry holster or sheath which features a magnet that's easy to save battery. By the time you save a BlackBerry smartphone into a holster / holsters, BlackBerry screen is turned off automatically. You can buy gloves in BerryIndo Shop.

You can read the profile and setting input screen at the BlackBerry Device in holster / holsters on your BlackBerry user guide

Get a Charging Pod

RIM also recommend that users buy a charging pod / desktop charger to keep your BlackBerry battery charge time. Home or office. Is always in the street, could use a mobile car / vehicle charger.

You can also use other original BlackBerry charger to always charge your BlackBerry

Automatically turn your BlackBerry smartphone on and off

Setting to turn off and turn on your BlackBerry Smartphones automatically.

Instead of your BlackBerry still active / alive and uses / wasteful batteries when you sleep and do not use it, you can set to automatically turn off your BlackBerry Smartphones at bedtime and live again in the morning.

You do not have kwatir the data is sent to your BlackBerry at the BlackBerry is turned off, because at the time of your BlackBerry to life, the data will receive BlackBerry Smartphones you automatically.

How to Use Features: Auto On and Off the BlackBerry
  • On the BlackBerry home screen or in the folder, select the icon "Options"
  • Select "Device" and Auto On / Off
  • In the "Weekday", select "Enabled" checkbox
  • Setting the time / clock to turn off and turn it back on your BlackBerry smartphone during the day Monday-Friday (weekdays)
  • In "Weekend" select "Enabled" checkbox
  • Setting the time / clock to turn off and turn it back on your BlackBerry smartphone during a Saturday-week (weekends)
  • Press the Menu button and select "Save"

Review backlighting options

One easy way is for the BlackBerry battery saving setting "backlighting" (caption display / screen) on the BlackBerry smartphone. You can change the light / brightness and how long the backlight on the screen flame.

BlackBerry Backlight Setting

  • On the home screen or in the folder, select the icon "Options".
  • Select "Display" and "Screen Display"
  • Do backlight brightness setting
  • Setting how long the backlight still burning when you do not touch your BlackBerry smartphone, change the setting "Backlight Timeout"
  • Press the Menu button and select "Save"

Keep battery connections clean

Here's one suggestion that is often overlooked. Apparently you can also extend battery life by cleaning your battery. Use a clean dry cloth and clean the metal / metal (where charging) the battery is routine to keep your battery life.

Tips to save battery life BlackBerry BlackBerry Help is given by, for multi-tasking and the number of incoming email to your BlackBerry, your battery may not be enough to use during the day, the solution only uses mobile BlackBerry charger or battery backup. Please select the battery or batteries ORI BlackBerry for KINGMAX alternative from your BlackBerry device

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