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Sentinel Xlator Translator Application for Blackberry

20 Februari 2012
language translator application is now available on BlackBerry smartphones called Sentinel Xlator that will facilitate you to meet your translation. It supports over 52 language combinations that give you the ability to communicate with someone other than your language. Translation service is powered by Microsoft Bing.

Sentinel Xlator Translator Application for Blackberry
You can send a text already translated via email / sms or copy and paste it anywhere. You can also place the text that is translated as a status message on Facebook or Twitter special OS 5.0 and above.
You can also translate whole web site or file on your device.


  • 37 language combination.
  • Hear translated text(not for all languages)
  • Copy translated text and use anywhere you prefer.
  • Email/SMS translated text.
  • Post translated text in Facebook or Twitter.
  • Integrated with Email/SMS/Browser so that you can translate on the fly.
  • Translate sites(beta)
  • Translate documents(beta)
  • Easy swap between languages.
  • Intuitive user interface.

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