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Tips Facing the click Shortcut URL continuous

15 Februari 2012
If your Blackberry users who are stuck with the broadcast complained that when the link is clicked it turns out a program that forces you to click continuously. Indeed, since many emerging shortened urls that could make a long url addresses into short. But unfortunately, a lot of fun people who take this opportunity to send things that are disturbing, such as viruses, spam, and who recently had a scene is a fun program that locks the user's browser until he do what he commanded. The fix is very simple to get the browser to return to normal, simply turn off your Blackberry browser Java Script.

Here's how:
- From the browser menu click
- Click options
- Uncheck enable java script
- Out, and then save

Tips Facing the click Shortcut URL continuous

But there are other ways to deal with short url link which is continuous with Nux Tools to install the application.

Tips Facing the click Shortcut URL continuous

With this application you can do unshort url so it looks full url address. That way you can tell if the url address to be trusted or not.

Download Nux Tools

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