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Wordosour Online via Blackberry

08 Februari 2012
You buff or you like games or Scrabble with a crossword puzzle? There Wordosour name game. This game is so fuel can be played online Connected with your BBM friends. Or if no one wants to play, you can play alone against the robot / application. The use of the box pretty much, which is sized 15 x 15. In addition, this application will also save your game statistics, how many times you win and how many times you lose. Also if you're open multiple applications simultaneously, Wordosour notification will inform you when it's time to walk.

Wordosour Online via Blackberry

Wordosaur - It's the T-REX of word games!

* Play FREE word games with your BBM Buddies.
* Hit up global players when your friends are busy or, start up a solitaire game.
* In-game chat facility!
* Keep a record of wins and losses against your friends.
* Brilliant graphics that makes optimum usage of your BlackBerry device screen
* Get notified of new moves with a short, quick vibraAlert.

Download Wordosour Game

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