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Facebook v3.0.0.14 for BlackBerry Available in Beta Zone

03 April 2012
Research In Motion has provided an update on the Facebook for BlackBerry app is in beta on BlackBerry Betazone made ​​a member you can try the application through the official betazone before release.

Facebook v3.0.0.14 for BlackBerry Available in Beta Zone

Here is information on the improvement of the Facebook application for BlackBerry smartphones 3.0 version

  • When Facebook is installed on a device running a language That Is not Officially supported by Facebook for BlackBerry, but is supported by BB, the app is Supposed to default to English.
  • Facebook application uses HTTP links in browser
  • The Facebook server has returned an unknown error and is not Able to fulfill your request. (1500)
  • WiLAN event is not being entered correctly processed when the radio is low or changed
  • Unable to close up using the back key on 6.0

Hopefully RIM will soon release v3 officially up for all BlackBerry users.

Download Facebook v3.0.0.14 for BlackBerry

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