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GPS Nautical Charts Supports Admiralty Charts Covering UK Waters

26 April 2012
BerrySki developer has released a new version of the 'Nautical Charts GPS' which adds support for admiralty charts covering UK waters to BlackBerry including Playbook version can also be used. Usually chart plotters that offers fractional coverage of the charts we have to offer will have 100s USD. A full coverage that we offer will have 1000s of GBP.
These applications include online GPS entirely accurate UKHO RNCs ® along with POI layers were created from UKHO ENCs ® covers the entire UK (other European regions coming soon). developers perform a special process to create a table that combines data collection RNC charts are available at various scales to a package. Object layer provided on the equivalent ENCs are also available as a layer for the same graph and searched.
GPS Nautical Charts Supports Admiralty Charts Covering UK Waters

Some of the features in this release are:
  •      Download also includes the waters of British UKHO charts for offline use
  •      Follow Auto mode
  •      Seamless mosaicing graph, if possible
  •      Distance / Bearing tool
  •      Create a custom way points
  •      POI layers for each chart comes from ENCs
  •      POI search / path points
  •      Pan / zoom / find themselves
  •      Record GPS tracks
  •      See overlay tracks
  •      AnimationTrack live trace analysis / stats
  •      Export tracks in GPX format.
  •      Nearest bulk download chart
Download GPS Nautical Charts 

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