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Leaked OS for Bold 9900

23 April 2012
There is a leaked version of OS  for Blackberry Bold 9900 Dakota, OS to fix bugs in the OS 7 in advance so that could be better, for those of you who already have the Blackberry Bold 9900 Dakota can be directly used in your device.

Leaked OS for Bold 9900

If you intend to upgrade your operating system, do not forget to backup your data before using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Users who want to update can use it to delete files OS7 vendor.xml during installation.You can also use the BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK) but the expertise required to use this application.so please note the way back to avoid errors in upgrde OS, Pls you first learned to upgrade the BlackBerry OS, be sure to do so with caution, or try asking someone has been used to upgrade the OS.Any risks arising from the OS upgrade is not responsible for blackberrycyber.

Download Leaked OS For Bold 9900 Dakota before deleted files on the server:

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