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Recycle Bin - Restore your Contacts Memos Calendar Tasks and Mails after deletion

07 April 2012
Now for Blackberry users now have no application Recycle Bin save all my emails, contacts, tasks, memos and events that you remove / delete on your BlackBerry and you can easily restore back the data if necessary. Indeed previous blackberry devices can only do all the deleted files are always clean. However the app that's already got you can Download for Free to use the recycle bin feature in the BlackBerry.

Recycle Bin application for BlackBerry

More about Recylce Bin for BlackBerry

The recycle bin stores all your deleted e-mails, Contacts, Tasks, Memos and Events in separate tabs. You can easily find your deleted items and then restore them back.
A. Items included in the Recycle Bin are: E-mails, Contacts, Tasks, Memos and Events
2. Stores your deleted items safe
3. Restore your items back with a single click
4. Permanently remove an item from the recycle bin
5. Option to Permanently remove individual or all

Note: Deleted Emails in Drafts folder are restored due to technical limitations. To find your email go to the particular Email Account Drafts Folder and from selecting the filter - Filter - Drafts from the menu options. Other items can be restored as original items.

Download Recycle Bin For Free

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