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BBM Display Changer - Like Change Profile Photos

02 Mei 2012
Your Blackberry users who prefer to mutually profile pic or display picture in BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)? Now there is BBM Display Changer application that allows BlackBerry users to change the picture in picture display on the fuel automatically. Way too easy, just create a folder and then enter pictures that you want to make a display picture, and set the interval time every few minutes could change the picture in picture display. So when it's automatically changed the display picture of his own, you no longer need to manually change the display picture. Because this application to change the display picture function in BBM, then the application was already BBM Connected.
BBM Display Changer - Like Change Profile Photos

Interested to use it? This application is paid and can be obtained for $ 1.99 at BlackBerry App World. But if you want to try first, provided his trial. So before deciding to buy it can try the first application of fuel this Changer Display until the time limit has been determined

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