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BlackBerry Bridge Update App to v2.0.0.30

02 Mei 2012

BlackBerry Bridge is as a link between your BlackBerry smartphone with BlackBerry Playbook. Once you've connected smarphone BlackBerry with BlackBerry Playbook with Bridge, then you can make browsing, emails contained in a BlackBerry smartphone can also be seen on the BlackBerry Playbook. Not to mention the contact, and task MemoPad on BlackBerry smartphones will also appear in the BlackBerry Playbook. In addition you can explore the media folder, music and others contained in the BlackBerry Smartphone with BlackBerry Playbook. BlackBerry Applications BlackBerry Smartphone Bridge is at least you used to use OS 5.0.

BlackBerry Bridge Update App to v2.0.0.30

Bridge to BlackBerry users BlackBerry smartphone has now been updated to v2.0.0.30. On this update there are improvements that might be a bit annoying previous diversion:

  • Improve the use of features Predictive text input when using OS 2.0.1 Playbook a few times recently updated.

If not update but no update notification, when it entered into the BlackBerry App World press Alt + RST later will automatically refresh and update notifications will appear.

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