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Developer Applications Developing Applications Ready for BlackBerry10

07 Mei 2012
Application developers and a number of leading brands have started to entrust the BlackBerry platform 10 for their Smartphone application development. In the BlackBerry World 2012, held by RIM in Orlando, United States announced that the developers are ready to support the launch of the upcoming BlackBerry 10.
Developer Applications Developing Applications Ready for BlackBerry10

"The level of enthusiasm from the application developer is extraordinary for BlackBerry 10 is, for the BlackBerry platform 10 is designed to provide more content and an amazing experience for users. It is a reward that can motivate. Many developers who want to create and direct their work on BlackBerry 10 per day, "said Mallick, VP Global Business Development Allianes and RIM.
Also in World BlackBerry 2012, RIM launched the beta version to developers in the BlackBerry platform 10 that enables developers to create and test applications created for the launch of the BlackBerry 10 at the end of 2012 this. Such devices include BlackBerry 10 Native SDK with Cascades. The device also includes support for HTML5 with the BlackBerry application developers 10 WebWorks SDK, so developers can create applications using native-like common web programming technologies (HTML5, CSS and Javascript).
The developers, content providers and application framework provider also has expressed support for BlackBerry 10. Here are some opinions and comments:
"The effect of BlackBerry is a worldwide phenomenon and is consistent with Endomondo coverage," Mette said Co-founder Lyker Endomondo.
"The official launch of the BlackBerry 10 comes with great expectations from Gameloft. We are very pleased to be providing high-quality game experience for BlackBerry users 10. There are already 11 titles prepared for the BlackBerry platform can be played on 10, "says Ludovic Blondel.
"With the launch of the BlackBerry 10, RIM increased its platform to application developers. We are very pleased to have the potential opportunities with the BlackBerry 10. We believe this will provide valuable content to point to the mobile world, "said CEO Nick Barnett Nippin
Jeffrey Power, Co Founder and CEO occipital also argued, "With a 360 panorama, occipital through the boundaries of photography on the mobile device. After we evaluate the feasibility of the BlackBerry platform 10, discretion is the camera, sensor and processing and graphics capabilities. Often exceed the expectations of our BlackBerry-related 10 of all three issues.
"We will give Blackberry users 10, native applications built for exceptional user to read any magazine, any time of the application is for a very reasonable cost per month," said Ryan Marquis, Founder / COO PixelMags.
"The framework of the Cascades and QML support will allow our team to innovate on Poynt for the BlackBerry platform 10 by continuing to innovate to create an exciting experience for customers," said Andrew Osis, CEO of Poynt Corp..
"Support on the platform for open components will flatten the learning process so that we can create new applications quickly and cost-effective and ready to run the BlackBerry's first debut was 10." Said Adam Linford, Head of Labs and Mobile Application Truephone.
"BlackBerry 10 is a great achievement in the evolution of the BlackBerry platform and our early access to these platforms have convinced us to be part of this change is very promising," said Martin Herdina, CEO of Wikitude. "We are very interested in the possibilities offered by the BlackBerry platform 10 to deliver an interactive Augmented Reality experience and depth to the BlackBerry community."

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