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KakaoTalk v2.0 for Blackberry

09 Mei 2012
KakaoTalk, has been updated to version 2.0 for BlackBerry. Look for new updates KakaoTalk positions around the world and go head-to-head against WhatsApp. KakaoTalk this new feature below:
  • KakaoTalk is a free application
  • BlackBerry KakaoTalk was in beta phase with version 1.0
  • KakaoTalk allows users to chat with friends either one-to-one or one-to-many across four different mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry & BADA / Windows phone in development).
  • ‘Friends’/’Chats’/’Friends?’/’Settings’ tabs have been redesigned to simple icon
  • The biggest strength KakaoTalk 2.0 boasts is the shortkeys that has integrated BlackBerry devices’ QWERTY keypads.
  • Four menu tabs on main screen, Friends/Chats/Friends?/Settings are locked in to Q,W,E and R for swift and easy use.
  • There are more than ten functions which can be used with shortkeys.
  • Users can now experience stable and fast transfer speed of messages with Ignite Engine, which was built by Kakao Team
  • Developer, Kakao, is positively considering delivering other feature such as
  • Plus Friend, Animated Emoticons and other extra feature that will keep users hooked to KakaoTalk.  
KakaoTalk v2.0 for Blackberry

KakaoTalk BlackBerry compared to Whatsapp BlackBerry
          KakaoTalk         WhatsApp
  • Free
  • Unlimited number of people in group chat
  • Shortkeys supporting more than 10 functions
  • Profile photos and status update
  • Paid
  • Limited group chat (10 people)
  • Only few shortkeys available
  • Does not support Profile photos & status update

 Download KakaoTalk 2.0 for free

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