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PrankCam v1.3.19 Application on BlackBerry

26 Mei 2012
For BlackBerry users there is now able to use the application This stunning passing joke that will make all laugh. With Cam Prank application for BlackBerry ®, you can take photos as usual and you can add a little touch of cute in that photo.

PrankCam v1.3.19 Application on BlackBerry

While your friends will think you take an ordinary photo, the real you really put all sorts of amusing artifacts in their faces. But do not worry no joke photo will also be there! The best part of this application will allow you to use the existing BlackBerry ® Camera apikasi while doing all that.

When you open the application PrankCam, you will be prompted to choose a joke to apply from the many that are available to you. Then move or resize to fit the space joke your viewfinder. Then mobile photo as artifacts seen in the viewfinder. You can also share photos via the fuel and get points from the apikasi.

Download PrankCam v1.3.19

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