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BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour Registration Now Open to Jakarta

13 Juni 2012
Developers and prospective developers of specific applications for BlackBerry, can learn how to create applications for BlackBerry .. Jakarta is now one of the places in BlackBerry Jam World Tour schedule.
BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour Registration Now Open to Jakarta

The plan BlackBerry Jam will be held at JW Marriot Hotel Mega Kuningan, Jakarta on July 10, 2012. In the event the BlackBerry Jam, developers who are interested to further explore how to develop applications on the BlackBerry seems obliged to follow it. Why? Because here Research in Motion (RIM) as the organizer will provide information on how to develop applications on the BlackBerry. In addition to the selected developer will get 1 10 Alpha BlackBerry device that is reserved for developers to test applications that are made. It's not all going to get this device. What else has to follow in the BlackBerry World Clock BlackBerry 2012 in Orlando some time ago, it certainly will not be able to get this device again in Jakarta.

For those who wish to register, RIM has opened registration online. Very favorable for the registrant is RIM opened registration for free. So that everyone can sign up without any charge to the place that is very limited. For those who want to register should immediately do the registration now here because this event is only held for one day and who knows when another event can be held back in Jakarta.

If you think you can attend (YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD!) head over to register here.

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