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Capture Nux v5.2 Can Additional Color Picker

14 Juni 2012
Capture  Nux is an application made ​​by Indonesian developer is able to capture your BlackBerry screen. Excess of CaptureNux compared with other screen capture application which is its ability to capture to edit to put pictures or text. In addition, CaptureNux also able to send the screen capture to email us with just one click. In this latest version has added features of the Color Picker, where you can choose the color we want when we edit a picture.
Capture Nux v5.2 Can Additional Color Picker

Other features:

  • Sharing of capture to oil contacts, BBGroup, and to other applications such as Facebook, Twitter, SocialScope, etc. 
  • Shortcut in the BB menu to capture share 
  • Nux Canvas 
  • The size of the file still remain friends

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