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Euro 2012 Avatar GIF BBM

09 Juni 2012
Current European soccer fever in 2012 has begun and you are crazy for football, are moving GIF file avatar Euro 2012 for use in your profile picture / display picture your fuel. Let's change the avatar support your favorite country.

Euro 2012 Avatar GIF BBM

Open the link, and save the image

bit.ly/LYHRst (england)
bit.ly/LeMG5g (ukraine)
bit.ly/NysVnN (spain)
bit.ly/MbbVE8 (croatia)
bit.ly/NbyJpj (portugal)
bit.ly/Ls0K7Y (cezh republic)
bit.ly/MqjUQ (danmark)
bit.ly/JNWUt4 (france)
bit.ly/Ls0R3e (germany)
bit.ly/K5tYOu (greece)
bit.ly/KJBqgl (italy)
bit.ly/KXcX5s (netherland)
bit.ly/NyxNZX (poland)
bit.ly/MqkvC6 (ireland)
bit.ly/M3w6V2 (rusia)
bit.ly/Nbz6jU (sweden).

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