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Theme BlackBerry OS 10 Handset Appears in IOS

02 Juni 2012
Many users are waiting waiting blackberry BlackBerry 10 to be released and you may wish to obtain information from the new OS. but all we've seen so far is a mock-up and some of the demo that was shown to developers at a conference like the BlackBerry 10 hours. Of course many people will think this video is the BlackBerry OS 10, in fact, this video is just the theme that tries to guess how the BlackBerry 10 later. Amazingly after a series of tests performed by CrackBerry, this theme was used on the handset's IOS. Although it looks pretty smooth, it will not turn your iPhone into a BlackBerry device 10, so we'll just keep waiting for this be true .You can see in the video below!

                                      On a BlackBerry? Click here for mobile video view 

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